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Glass, water, paper, cork

15 cm x 15 cm x 50 cm

“Suspense is an awkward condition to live in”, wrote Edgar Wind, “and we are persistently tempted to exchange it for some narrow but positive certainties; and yet we know very well that, as soon as the artistic imagination begins to work on us, we leave the safe shore for the open sea”.[1] 'Bottled Up' is an ongoing artwork that has been exhibited in various forms including: installation containing 30 units, as a single sculpture and is currently being developed into urban interventions using photography as exhibiting artistic media. This artwork raises issues about communication and art and how both are aspects of the human need to transcend into enlightenment and liberation.


The title refers to an expression used to describe a person’s emotional state where one excessively retains feelings but also references it's materiality. The object itself has a strong symbolic nature and reveals a particular human gesture of trying to speak out. A message in a bottle demonstrates an attempt of what might never quite reach the shore; its intention is charged with anxiety and hope.




[1] Wind, Edward,  “Art and anarchy”, Duckworth, 1985, pp. 24

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